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HSGI Morale Patch Embroidered

Hinta : 5.00

HSGI™ Embroidered Moral Patch. Measures approx. 2.25" X 1.75". Hook Velcro sewn on back.

HSGI Morale Patch PVC

Hinta : 5.00



Hinta : 7.00

High Speed Gear™ is pleased to announce the release of our TACO® patch! Designed by Webtechgear and produced by Combat Swag. The TACO® morale patch is available in either Urban Grey or MultiCam color schemes. Each patch is packaged individually in cellophane wrappers....[lisää]

Mil-Spec Monkey Berserk

Hinta : 5.00

We didn't want to ignore our fellow Barbarian / Viking warriors so here is an artsy design on that theme. By Guest Artist NorzEEle http://norzeele.fr/ 2.6" x 3.25" with hook velcro sewn on the back

Mil-Spec Monkey Crazier Than

Hinta : 5.00

Crazier Than A Shit House Rat: A classic term in symbol format to get some curious looks your way as folks try and figure it out. Hook velcro sewn on the back 3" x 1.5"

Mil-Spec Monkey Instructor

Hinta : 4.00


Mil-Spec Monkey Mega Patch Book

Tuotekoodi: MSM-MPB

Hinta : 49.00


Mil-Spec Monkey Outbreak Response PVC

Hinta : 7.00

A more discreet logo designed for zombie killn' fans. Rather than just zombies, this team comes in to clean up any biological threats to national security. 3.33" x 3" with hook velcro sewn on the back. Glow version actually glows in the dark with a light charge.

Mil-Spec Monkey Tac Numbers

Hinta : 2.00


Tactical Tailor Modular Badge Panel

Tuotekoodi: TT-MBP

Hinta : 8.00

  • Small: 100 x 75 mm. Kiinnittyy 2 x 2 PALS-kujastoon MALICE-klipseillä.
  • Lagre: 250 x 75 mm. Kiinnitty 6 x 2 PALS-kujastoon MALICE-klipseillä.

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